Storage Wars

They try their hardest to peek inside from the outside to get an idea of the worth of the deal. They assess who has showed up as competitors to determine how to develop their bid strategy.

This is not a plug for a Cable TV show but a description of behavior that I recently experienced managing a project to acquire a Enterprise SAN (Storage Array Network) for one of our clients.

The client has outsourced Enterprise Architecture to IPI and what I describe as "connecting the dots in the most efficient and cost effective manner".

Virtual Desktop

Are we there yet? No it is not the annoying chant of the kids in the backseat but rather the question that is being asked about the maturity and readiness of virtual desktop or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

For those who have escaped the hype around the newest trend that is poised to revolutionize computing let me give you the generic definition.

VDI is hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) typically running on a centralized server or data center. The term was coined by VMware Inc.

Anorexic Client

No I’m not making light of a serious eating disorder.

I wanted to explore just how skinny the “thin client” might evolve into. Referenced in my Virtual Desktop blog I discussed the emergence of the “thin client” in the Enterprise space.

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